A little story about Designpeo…



DesignPeo is an interior architectural design and product/furniture company established in 2015.  With a firm belief in the idea and the benefits of collaborative working relationships we work with a range of talented multidisciplinary professionals to offer inspired and imaginative design solutions. DesignPeo is a company that is inspired by the urban African landscape as we constantly explore how African design influences the rest of what is happening in the world in terms of interior design, as well as how we in Africa take European/American/Asian design influences and make them speak or connect to the African/South African mind/ consumer.


Space Layouts

3d Modelling and rendering

Interior Consultation

Product Design

Interior Detail Design

DesignPeo: The Blog

The aim of the Designpeo  blog is to share inspiring and exciting interior, product, graphic and fashion design.  Peo ( pronounced pear-o) is seed in my mother tongue Setswana. I wanted to create a platform to celebrate design that inspires me and constantly reminds me why I fell in love with the world of design.

Mpho Vackier3

I am a metallurgical engineer turned interior designer.  I have always felt that I was a designer at heart and 4 years ago I made the leap of faith to quit my job as a metallurgist and study Interior Design.  

The purpose of this blog is to inspire anyone wishing to find out interesting nuggets of design related information created by the multitudes of gifted designers/creators/thinkers/entrepreneurs/changemakers out there.

Stay a while and I hope you get inspired.

I always try to reference as well as refer to the owners of anything I feature in my blog, however if you have any issues with your work/name appearing in Designpeo please let me know and I will remove it. Brands and products promoted, would be those that Mpho, the editor of DesignPeo, would use or buy herself.

Collaborating with DesignPeo

 If you are a creative/creator/artist/entrepreneur/ designer and want your product featured, please get in touch.

Design collaborations between DesignPeo and brands aligned with the blog’s focus and aesthetics are welcome.

I only blog about things that inspire me and I do not receive any compensation if I write about a person or product. What is written here are my opinions and thoughts.


8 thoughts on “A little story about Designpeo…

  1. Wow Mpho….So I finally managed to read your blog. Gal you are great, I wish I read it before we started our renovations. You are brilliant and I wish you all the best. With our new project starting soon…I will be glued to your blog!

  2. This is really beautiful Mpho…Keep it up ngwana.
    I’m running a fb page…”pics of beautiful houses”, I will share your blog with the followers.

  3. Kudos my sista! It’s great to see the next generation of fellow South Africans step up in a positive fashion, to inspire the next (generation/s)👍🏽🇿🇦👌🏽🌍

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