Monday Inspiration


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I recently started my freelance design business and with that comes a lot of hours of research and reading on how to build and maintain not only your freelance business but also overcoming the dreaded fear that grips most designers starting on their own.  My biggest fears are really like most creative’s; is my work good enough, will I make it on my own, was I an idiot to quit my job…but one thing that I am slowly realising is that nothing really ever gets accomplished by sitting by on the sidelines because you are too scared to try, or too chicken that you will fail.

I mean if you do decide to go ahead and do whatever it is that scares you the most, that thing that haunts you, willing you to bring it forth; what is the worst thing that could happen? The little voice in my head is screaming out: YOU COULD FAIL!! ok so yes you could fail, and then? I mean if our fear of failure restricts us from living our truth and daring us to live a life filled with adventures isn’t that a bit sad? Settling for mediocrity rather than being your best true self?

So today as you begin your journey with whatever it is that you are trying to achieve, I urge you, will you even, to go forth, despite your fear of failure, or ridicule or whatever your sinister, annoying little voice in your head is telling you, go and be great, and if you do fail, as we all do, pick yourself up and get back into it!!



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