Lessons from Hello Ambassador Creative Festival: Part 2

   Hey there,

The behaviour of inspiration can be compared to the ebb and flow of tides.  In most of us inspiration comes and goes.  Sometimes I wonder if you can be in a perpetual state of inspiration, wow!! How amazing would that be…but for us mere mortals we have to continuously find avenues and experiences that will leave us inspired.  This is the 2nd extension of the very inspiring Hello Ambassador creative festival that took place early September.

One of my favorite and most worthwhile talks that left me really amped and ready to take over the world (insert evil laugh here), was that by the co-founder of the creative agency Joe Public, Pepe Marais.  The first lesson he  shared was: if you are scared to do something, then do it-fear loves inactivity, face whatever scares you head on and the fear dissipates…so with this he started his talk by skipping rope (that was the first idea he had, but his ‘fear’ was that he could fall or laughed at, so he decided to go ahead and do it)… image if we all lived our lives like that, what we could achieve…man, how awesome.IMG_1673

The main ideas that remained with me from his talk are that we should endeavour to always be conscious of what we do, conscious of the moment or experience as well as taking special care who you partner with because as the tagline goes for one of Joe Public’s insanely inspirational ads: Amazing things can happen when you partner with the right people.

Here are some of his personal commandments of becoming a citizens of greatness in terms of how he approaches his life and work.

10 commandments to becoming a citizen of greatness:
1. Find greater purpose for your life: a sense of purpose, clarity, powerful thoughts from a place of service.
2. Let your purpose drive your health: sleep, recovery, take care of your body, that will take care of your mind, and thus : thrive with great health
3. Use your purpose uncover your potential: conscious mind makes up 2% and processes 2000 bits per sec, and the conscious mind access 400 000 000 000 bits per sec.  Pursue your purpose with abandoned passion and thus in turn uncover your amazing limitless potential.IMG_1675
4. Pour your potential into everything you do- the more you achieve the more you realize can be achieved but all the while practice self love and learn when to take a break.
5. Sweat the small stuff: Detail is important, sweat blood!!
In the creative industry it really is the small details that make all the difference, however mistakes can always be bettered upon as the cracks let the light in.
Give 100 percent to each aspect, the process of the work is important
6. Start small-something small today can make a massive difference .  In addition put back into the business, feed your employees spirits; when you as a business focus on the growth of others you In turn grow.
7.Surround yourself with the best-business partners investing in people that’s when you are guaranteed to grow.
8. Have fun: fun is underrated, when people have fun, work is not a chore to be completed as soon as possible, the more you have fun the better the quality of the work being done.
9. Invite money into your life: money is not the root of all evil but the root of all opportunities.
Always add a zero,  when talking about yourself/money/anything else in your life.
10: If you have a burning desire to do your own thing: just do it. Don’t wait around to be given permission, listen to your spirit, that inner voice that we always try to quieten.IMG_1677
And in conclusion, aim to change the world: instead of throwing stones rather use them to built something. I carry more of these commandments today than any other lessons learnt that week, they speak to me in terms of what I would like to achieve in my life and how I live this life.
The next speaker was the multiple award winning South African author-ess Lauren Beukes, who shared some of her past and latest projects with us such as her more than amazing book Zoo City ( which we promptly added to our book club list), The shining girls and Moxie Land.  She also shared how she approaches a writing exercises, basically summing it up in the koeksister theory: taking what you know and twisting it, you still end up with a sticky sweet treat but your perspective of the world changes your experience.

Here are some of the highlights of her talk:

  • Always be curious: look at what is happening around take it, get inspired and push the envelope-as you create something out of it.
  • Find a new perspective
  • Tell stories that reflect who we are-use your experiences to create what is uniquely you.
  • Go there!!!make the time of the things that ignite the passion within you
  • Give a fuck-care: Subvert the story
  • Protect your ideas
  • Be true to your message and your essence: incredible ideas, hang on the credible
  • Be cheeky
  • Have fun with what you do
  • Collaboration is so inspiring, have conversations, never be afraid of criticism, don’t be afraid to let the idea become more
  • Share the light: find ways to give back
And in her final inspiring words:
Success is 10% talent, 10%luck, 80% bloody minded determination

The last speaker I enjoyed was the laid back, infectious graphic designer/singer/song writer Nonku Phiri, who is also the daughter of famed musician Ray Phiri from the group Stimela, which most of us grew up listening to.

 Nonku’s talk focused on overcoming fear and executing your ideas despite the fear.  She dissected the most common causes of fear but ultimately concluding that most of it is only really in your head.  She lists some of the causes of her fears, and basically how she deals with them:
  • Being uncomfortable, being put on the spot: the intrigue
  • Need for affirmation- a pat on the back
  • Fear hinders and stands in your way, in the way of creativity (You’ll never know until you try)
  • Pace yourself
  • Stop comparing and focus on you-your journey is yours alone
  • Collaboration is key: learning from different people and the he impact of you falling is less hard when you are supported by others 🙂
  • Allow yourself to make mistake
I hope you gain loads of inspiration from the shared highlights of this year’s Hello Ambassador creative festival, if you missed it this year, make sure you don’t next year, I highly recommend an annual dose of Hello Ambassador.  After the 2 days of the conference I was buzzing with positivity and inspiration, I still am.  I am in awe of the creative energy in SA and so glad to be a part of the movement that celebrates  the creators and the-out-of-the-box-thinkers, the world needs more of these.
Happy thursday.



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