Decorex 2015

Hi there…

 I was  afforded the opportunity to exhibit at the Johannesburg Decorex this year, an amazing initiative between Inscape Design College and Decorex SA.  I obviously lept at the opportunity although the days leading up to the Decorex JHB were nerve wrecking as I quickly designed and manufactured some pieces to exhibit, while going to work and trying to be hands-on/emotionally present mom/wife…regardless when the 5th of August came round I was more excited than nervous.

These are some of the pieces I designed and quickly made and they are all for sale, so drop me a mail if you are interested:

image stand 7 stand 8 stand 10 stand 11 stand 2 stand 6

After 5 days of standing, I left Decorex tired, but ridiculously inspired.  I got inspiration from all that I saw, the people I met, exhibitors and visitors alike who gave me advice, encouragement and so much love. I wouldn’t exchange those 5 long days for anything and at the end of it I decided to go into product/furniture design full time and chase those dreams, no fear, no regrets!! This is my wish for all of you, do what sets your heart and soul on fire, do not settle.




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