Weekly inspiration


I have been gone for quite a while, as with trying to juggle everything, sometimes you drop some balls, but I am back😊!!

So last week I was confronted by a really difficult situation, a racial situation wherein I could either standup for what I thought was right, meaning right for me or I could remain silent and not rock the boat…this situation was especially delicate as it involved my son, but ultimately I decided to standup for what I felt was my truth, although the decision has been made and the situation dealt with, I find myself second guessing the decision to put my foot down and say no, I keep imagining the reactions and consequences of my decision, but I know that I wouldn’t be happy within if I just stood by and accepted the situation as it were.


If there is one thing you do this week, I urge you all to standup for the things that matter; it takes nothing to join  the crowd and but it takes courage to stand alone. Here’s to a courageous week ahead!!


Love and light



2 thoughts on “Weekly inspiration

  1. It is always difficult to stand for what we believe in especially where our kids are concerned. Our motherly instinct is to protect. However, it is very important to teach them how the world operates, it is not all cosy and comfortable like home. In fact, I have just written to the school doing exactly that. We can never experience inner peace by keeping quiet and allowing certain behaviours to prevail because we do not want to rock the boat.

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