ZOKU hotel in Amsterdam: Ode to Hybrid and Micro Living


Zoku Amsterdam: The End Of The Hotel Room

Image Source: Found on livezoku.com

I have always maintained that intelligent, thoughtful design is the key to dealing with the myriad of social issues that have resulted from urbanisation such as the lack of space for housing.  The rapid and incessant increase of urbanisation demands new ways for using the available space to accommodate larger groups of people than before; the resultant thereof is micro and hybrid living. These design concepts/ideas take into account the needs of the end user , and is really the only way we (designers) should design.  This is evident with the launch of ZOKU, a new hotel brand created by ex-CitizenM founder Hans Meyer and co-founder Marc Jongerius in Amsterdam.

Image Source: http://livezoku.com/zoku-loft/

Having been involved in a couple of hospitality projects as well as having had my fair share of hotel rooms, I have found that most hotel room design is centered/focused on the bed area as opposed to making the entire room an overall living space, the 24sqm  ZOKU loft makes a paradigm shift in that the room is appointed as a working -living hybrid  with not only a bed but an adaptable seating area, which can be used as a working/entertaining/dining and general living area.  The room layout boasts an elevated king size bed, a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious bathroom space and smart storage systems . These space solutions employed at this hotel are exciting because they can be implemented anywhere, like here at home.  This reminds me of  my idea of retrofitting shipping containers to create living spaces as opposed to shacks which are poorly insulated and laid out.

Zoku is a brand-new, hotel concept for traveling professionals

Image source: Found on design-milk.com

One of the most exciting aspects of this room design customizability via a retractable staircase which is not only aesthetically on point but cleverly and perfectly becomes a side rail to the elevated sleeping area, which can be screened off for visitors. All this results in  a multi-functional space that’s extremely easy on the eye.

An Apartment-Like Hotel Room for the Traveling Professional

Image source: Found on design-milk.com

The tagline of the hotel is work-play-live and I believe  ZOKU’s  approach to hotel room design fosters an environment the encourages that thinking by combining comfort and efficiency.


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