Fashion Friday-Designer showcase: Celeste @ Selfi


We spent one of the many glorious April long weekends in Cape Town and it was beyond fantastic. Obviously as a designer and a tourist 🙂 I wanted to visit the Old Biscuit Mill Market in Woodstock and there I saw beautifully crafted/design things and met an amazing, energetic fashion designer, whose clothes are so beautiful, so simple/feminine and yet so architectural.




(Image sources: &

Her name is Celeste Lee Arendse and her fashion label is called Selfi, her choice of fabric, prints and patterns is inspired and absolutely gorgeous. I am such a fan and I cannot wait to see her show at the next fashion week.

I believe in the concept of 100% South African design, that is one of the reasons I started this blog; I believe designers should support each other as we each try to make our way and find our voice, and I urge you all to check out Celeste’s amazing range-

image image

Happy fashion Friday…


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