HIPSTORY – the iconic leaders of our times seen as modern-day hipsters


I collect posters, most vintage movie/art posters, minimalist posters, or artistic posters that are politically or historically motivated, so basically posters that tell a story and make you go uhm? Yes that’s from a song… So anyways recently I discovered a series of posters called Hipstory by Amit Shimoni ;the concept draws on the stark comparison between the values, belief and motivations of the world most revered teachers and leaders and those of our now-getouttheway-self centered-selfie-itsallaboutme generation. The artist explains that our generation constantly looks towards material things as a way of self expression whilst they move away from big ideologies; Ideologies that I feel can basically change the world for the better, Ideologies of compassion, bigger purpose, being the change… In this poster series, the artist reimagines great leaders as the types of people modern society might listen to and follow based not on the inner qualities of compassion and wisdom but on the outward look of cool clothes/trends and demeanor. These great leaders are reimaged into our culture and portrayed as such in an effort to encourage us to reflect upon the inspiring qualities of our great leaders, our society and ourselves.

image image image image

This series of posters is inspirational, intelligent and more importantly thought provoking, which in my opinion is one of the most important aspects of creating art, questioning and inspiring but more importantly creating an atmosphere of introspection. The rationale of these illustrations as explained by the artist is to shed light on the way we think our ourselves as well as the people who inspire us, to make us ask which qualities in our modern day heroes inspire us. This series of posters is available at superbalist.com


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