So I discovered a really exciting creation by Philippe Starck and the French company SPEETA.  Anyone who knows  me will tell you that I love and respect Philippe Starck’s work, more especially the way he approaches design to solve everyday problems which is exactly what interior/product or any other designers current and future should strive for.

Anyway so on the 4th of March at the FLAM’EXPO trade show in Lyon, Philippe Starck and SPEETA presented SPEETBOX BY S+ARCK, which is a first of it kind heating furniture, which is customisable and environmentally conscious.  In a world that is filled with customisable everything, why not a customisable heating furniture, I mean off course!!


large_sans_titre-3_86cd5 large_sans_titre-4_74c29

Image Source: http://www.starck.com/

I love this design ethic, designing something to be interpreted and reinterpreted by the end user,theres nothing more amazing than design that takes into account the end user, this should be the basis of all design of any kind. The main concept of this heating furniture begins and ends with customisation, resulting in a flexible, versatile and adaptable design piece, which adjusts to the users needs and situation. Can you tell how much I love this? 🙂

large_sans_titre-2_28cb0 large_sans_titre-8_5280b

Image Source: http://www.starck.com/

Ok so I am ranting, but I just wanted to share this exciting, inspirational design find and to basically put this a-matter-of-fact statement out there, if a design does not take your likes/dislikes/feelings/needs in mind don’t allow it to waste/take your time either.

Happy Wednesday






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