The beauty of design collaborations


And the word of the week is Collaborations…

I am a firm believer that we as designers/creative souls can learnt so much from other creatives, and the result of working and collaborating on projects together with people knowledgeable in other fields can and does yield amazingly fresh creations. My entire design for my final project last year was a collaborative creative workplace where you could rent a desk, a photographic or recoding studio, catch a rehearsal at the attached theatre which could also serve as an exhibition space for art nights and markets.  I am all about individuals sharing information and expertise, I should get a t shirt that says collaborative spokesperson 🙂

This post highlights some of my favorite collaborations between interior designers and engineers, artists, fashion designers and more.


Illustrator Michael Chandler and Mr Price Home

michael chandler

This collaboration is a fave between me and my son, the illustrations referencing and inspired by history/nature (Cape) come alive when applied to the Mr price homeware range. A collaboration project like this introduces a different audience to the artist/illustrators work which is hella positive, and showcases the amazing design talent in SA. This fun home ware range includes bedding, scatters, crockery and prints and is available at Mr Price Home.

02_1403010720_SI_00 02_6102016410_SI_00

(Image Source:


A homegrown Modular and prefab nano home that is 17 square meters, is the result of a collaboration between architect Clara da Cruz Almeida and Interior and product designers Adriaan Hugo and Katy Taplin of Dokter and Misses. The pod home designed for 2, can be flatpacked for site assembly, positions into various arrangements and most importantly it provides a solution to a real social problem affecting South Africa., which is space and housing. Additionally the POD is based on the principles that most of the “things”  we have convinced ourselves that we cannot live without is basically clutter, an idea that promotes efficient and conscious living.


11022015_lifePOD_08 11022015_lifePOD_09(1)

(Image Source:


Atang Tshikare and Ballo Collaboration

Atang Tshikare has emerged as a sought after urban-style surface designer, who collaborated on a project with sunglass  designers at Ballo. This collaboration resulted in amazing graphically styled/illustrated wooden-framed glasses which are made from recycled paper and cut-off timber.

AEP_prototype1 atang34 atang87

Image Source:

These are just a few of my favourite collaborations in SA, there are tons more, which are your favourite? I will probably write another post on collaborations as it is a topic I love talking about.







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