Creating visually interesting bookcases

Happy Wednesday!!

I love books and moreover there’s something weirdly calming for me about being surrounded by books, so inevitably my bookcases are overflowing with books that I simply cannot let go.

I have been postponing sorting out my bookcases for a while, but always got distracted and started the reading the very books I was meant to be sorting and arranging. This past weekend I managed to resist and just got on with it, I think I was motivated by the fact that I could then write a blog post about styling bookcases 🙂

So here goes, these are some of the interior design elements I implemented, I hope they help you in creating visually pleasing bookcases.

  • Stacking books/dvds/cds/records both horizontally and vertically immediately brings life to any arrangement, it breaks the monotony  and creates visual interest.


  • Layering brings interest to interior design spaces and can be applied to bookcases to get the same effect, so layer accesories/objects on top of the stacked books to create interesting visual moments.


  • Infuse your arrangements with your personality by including fun and quirky collections/personal pieces. Additionally get accessories that are related to the arrangement, in this case I placed a porcelain robot within my son’s dvd collection, and also used typography with the letter M for movies to reference the arrangement. In short have fun!



  • The inclusion of artwork within books adds to the layered look of a bookcase which results in a visually balanced bookcase.


  • The addition of natural elements brings calm to any space so use plants, shells and other found objects as you style your bookcase.


  • One of the most important points is making sure that theres ample breathing space in between the arrangements as this will affect the visual balance of the bookcase.

 Happy bookcase arranging!!




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