Interior design 2015 trends I am loving!

So 2015 has began quickly and with tons of energy both on the home front as we renovate certain areas of our new house and personally as I begin to focus on all my projects in terms of my career as an interior designer.  I have been looking for inspiration with regards to what I would love to implement in my home and as well as inspirational finds that I would love to write more about and basically share them with you.

Now I hardly follow trends, and most of the time via happy accidents I find that the trend that most people are raving about, is the things I have been implementing either in terms of fashion or interior design/deco. So I present to you my list of favorite 2015  interior design trends that I am in love with, as implemented in my home.

1. Pairing differing styles and cultures

The mixing or my other favorite word juxtaposing different design styles, trends and cultural elements is apparently very in this year.  I say apparently because my house has always been a mixture of cultures and styles, especially given the fact that I am a black South African female married to a white Belgian man, and we have a zimbabwean employee, so i guess you can say its our own united nations.  But I digress, this “trend” is fantastic because its like being at a buffet, you get to pick and choose which styles appeal to you and you marry the two/three/four.

However a word of caution, you know the saying too much of a good thing…so I advise everything in moderation, take it slowly and work with the commonalities shared by the design elements you have chosen to juxtapose.  In  my case I took a persian rug with warm rich tones added a very simple almost raw light wood table and these Eames plastic armchairs, and the result is harmonious.  I will be pairing the look with  Tom Dixon Beat Stout Fat black pendant lights.  Ultimately you want to achieve an effortless look that is still individually you.

dining 1 dining 2

2. Crafted accessories using raw materials

There is nothing more appealing to me as a designer than a well made piece of furniture, shoe, handbag or any other accessory you can think of.  Our culture of “I want it right Now” in my opinion comes at the cost of good craftsmanship and there is nothing more sad than an amazing design idea executed poorly.  So I fully celebrate this trend and will be doing so long after 2015, I love knowing that someone lovingly and patiently created a piece of “anything” for me to enjoy, it is also how I approach my design work making sure that the end result is crafted and well thought out. This “trend” is showcased by these carved wooden art pieces that we bought in December.

 fishes large 1 fishes large 2 fishes small 1  fishes small 3

3.Repurposing and recycling (ADAPTIVE REUSE)

I love this “trend”! I am an antique chair collector, as well as a collector of other antiques accessories, and we bought 3 chairs last year, two of which are being reupholstered and repainted as I write this.  I love taking the old and bringing it back to life, this is a trend that will be on going for me, whether popular opinion considers it cool or not.  I will be sharing pictures of the chairs when they return, I however have this one arm chair we call the grand dame, she is gorgeous, she remains untouched but below is a mood board/inspiration of what I would love her to eventually look like. same gold coloured fabric just updated with navy blue velvet buttons and piping.

GRAND DAME CHAIRSubsequently the colours in the mood board also reference to another trend of renaissance colour palettes usage that is big in 2015.


Jan Vermeer

(Meisje met de parel)
c. 1665- 1667
Oil on canvas
46.5 x 40 cm. (18 1/4 x 15 1/4 in.)
Mauritshuis, The Hague

 Other trends that I am seriously excited about and I hope they are here to stay are:

User involved design/Participatory design

This type of design actually requires the end user to add on to the final design in order for the design to be functional and complete for that specific user. The approach attempts to actively involve the end user in the design process, as well as promote a spirit of sustainability by reusing specific objects in conjunction with the designed piece.  common vesselsThis is Desinere‘s outlook on participatory design, a design company that mainly focuses on the relationship between people and items or experiences  . This trend might not generally appeal to everyone, but i love it because at the end of the day it seeks the participation and engagement of the user, and who as designer do we ultimately design for if not the users.

 My take on participatory or inventive design approach is this couch arm table, that has been made with off cut 30 mm thick strand Bamboo from a previous project.  This is one of my favorite areas to sit and read, or have a glass of wine and this raw bamboo is not only functional as a “side table” but also references to all the other light wood elements within the open plan living space.

wood block 1

Street Art

While in Belgium we travelled to Brussels and around Antwerp and there is such a variety of gorgeously colourful street art.  I am so in love with Graffiti/street art, I feel that in terms of urban design it should be a medium that is explored, implemented and applauded. It brings energy to a space like nothing else and I know that when my son gets a big older, i will be getting a graffiti artist to design a mural for his room. South Africa has also fantastic street art especially seen around Netown and Maboneng Precinct, Cape Town, Durban and I am sure many other cities.  Is society moving towards a street art friendly era? I am hoping that the inclusion of street art as a 2015 design trend becomes more than a trend but an appreciated art form.



Which other trends are you celebrating, noticing or have implemented? Are you trend driven? Although this post is about 2015 trends, the topics I have written about are for me a way or an approach to how I like my space to look as well as feel, next year other trends will emerge and maybe the things we (I am) are celebrating now will be passe’ but no matter, you decide what you like, and make that trendy, make that your individual trend and you won’t go wrong.


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