Weekly Inspiration…

I feel that I began this year only last week, as that is when we came back from our holiday, and everything felt rushed as I attempted to catch up with all my mommy, working woman, dreamer duties. However I begin this week breathing a sigh of relief that I survived back to school and all the craziness of last week. I didnt have time to think what i might change this year in terms of new year resolutions, besides I hardly honour any of them, so what I do instead of new year resolution is intend what kind of year i will have.  Last year I kept telling my friends and family that it would be a rewarding year, and when November and December came round my hubby and I were rewarded and blessed beyond most of our expectations. It is my belief that what you think about you bring about, I firmly believe that we all plant seeds with our thoughts and actions and at the end of it you either end up with with a beautiful flowering tree or a weed, it really is up to you.


Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/

So here we go, this year for me will be a year of connections, forming positive bonds, lucrative bonds, a year of sitting quietly and learning from those around me, a year to build, this year will be the foundation to whatever course my life is to follow, and I am excited and scared, but I am inspired!! So intend your year, work quietly towards what it is you desire, practise an attitude of gratitude and just sit back and recieve. I wish you all an amazing, rewarding and positive year!!


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