Fashion Friday late post


So I am still on holiday in Antwerp, Belguim and I dont really know which day is which most of the time, so apparently today is Saturday, but we will do a fashion Friday late post (very late 😊). The Antwerpians are very stylish, everyone dresses up, it’s fantastic!! Oh goodness and the accessories, the bags, shoes…it’s a feast for the eyes, it is one of the reasons why I love this city so much, there is so much style in between the stoofvlees and wafels! So today I am showcasing a couple of accessories I picked up…

1st up are these Nike Zoom Stefan Janoski (black and white infrared) shoes/ sneakers. It was love at first sight and although I was looking for a really special pair of air max’s these in my opinion are better because I love every single thing about them!!!!


Next up my hubs bought these amazing shoes at Van Dalen on the Meir in Antwerp, these are so well made, as a designer I love things that are simple but well design.image

Lastly is this Ice Watch in rose gold pink, I am so in loooove with it, it’s a beautiful shade especially against my chocolate skin.


I love how accessories can make an outfit, especially in winter when most people are wearing greys and blacks, these quirky and well made accessories add life to an outfit. What are you must have accessories? Happy weekend!!😊



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