Jeff Koons exhibition @ Centre du Pompidou, Paris

We just spent a week in Paris, and our last day was spent at the Centre du Pompidou, which is one of my favorite places and they were running a Jeff Koons exhibition. It was perfect actually because we looked at most of the art they had before the exhibition on the 6th floor, and by then my 6year old son (and my husband) were all tired and cranky, but Jeff Koons art is so exciting to look at, and is a personification of mischief and fun that everyone was very happy to see it. My son loved all the “balloon” like structures of which most are actually made from plasticine or metallic compounds or “painted” stainless steel.

This is hulk sculpture was my sons favorite, according to Jeff Koons it is representative of the west (marvel brand) and East (guardian God), it looks just like a blow up doll, but is made from a bronze polychrome mixture technique. The engineer in me and my husband an electro mechanical engineer was so happy to see beautiful chemistry, metal lurgy represented by thus playful yet menacing figure. I loved it!!


The artist is reported as saying that he is inspired and creates objects that seem to contain air,because air is life, these objects are anthropomorphic, and he explains that every time one takes a breath that is a symbol of life, the the exhalation of said breath is the opposite which is death. Viewing his work left me feeling alive, and excited, and definitely gave a sense of renewed energy to my exhausted 6yr old.

A couple of my favourites were the heart (pictured below), it weighs a ton, 1000kg.! But floats seemingly effortlessly above the ground.



and off course the “balloon” puppy also weighing a ton and made from 60 separate precision engineered stainless steel parts. The interpretations of this balloon puppy are endless but what is fantastic is that aspects of it are both innocent and playful but can be interpreted otherwise as well. It’s fantastic, and amazing to see the life sized version, my son loved the puppy and took lots of pictures with it.


Some of the my other favorites are the “cat on the clothesline”, the painting of the tulips, balloon Venus and blow up Popeye. If you are in pars the exhibition started the 27 November to the 27 April, at floor 6 Gallery 1, it is such a treat for the eyes.





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