Madame Paris

Greetings from a grey Madame Paris

Every time I come to Paris I find that I am excited about the trip here and conflicted when I finally get here. So after a 2 hour train ride from my beloved Antwerp, we arrived to a grey and wet Paris. I was already moody from the weather. The apartment we are staying at is a bit larger than the one from the previous trip in Le Marais, but I still find myself feeling like a stranger to Paris, which is the opposite of how I feel in Antwerp. To me Antwerp feels like home, a warm hug after a long day, while Paris feels like a moody lover, whom I have to cuddle up to for her to reciprocate the attention.


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We are sitting in the smoking outside area of La Royal brasserie on Boulevard de Filles du Calvaire, feeling as moody as the weather, I find the Parisian cafe culture and people watching are the perfect antidote to my grey state. I always say to friends who want to visit Paris because of its portrayal in the media (movies, music) that Paris is not a place you come to once and feel that you know it and love it, I have always believed that bit by bit she unfolds herself to you, quietly, slowly and unapologetically introducing herself. I like Paris, but whether I love her or not is maybe a feeling I am yet to discover.


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