My top online furniture shops

Hello there,

We have just completed a move into our new house, well saying completed might be a tiny lie since there are unpacked boxes in most corners of the house, but we have moved and we are making a new home.  The house we bought is slightly bigger than our old one and we find ourselves with empty rooms and empty spaces (I’m sure these are lyrics to some song…) and that hollow sound effect produced by unfurnished rooms. So yes we need to buy new furniture…Another problem is that some of our original furniture pieces are too small for some of the spaces, like say our dining table which is being swallowed up by the slightly larger dining area.

So being the designer that I am (finally as I just graduated…with a distinction might I add) this gave me the opportunity to investigate firstly what we would like the house to say about us and what is out there in terms of affordable but stylish furniture.  So I went online and troweled the net for shops that have what I want and can delivery in my area.  The main reason I went online is that we are leaving for a months trip within a week to Belgium/France for the festive season to visit my husband’s family and maybe get to experience a white/ish christmas, so I really do not have the time to drive around looking for what I need, besides the internet is really your friend (most times 🙂

So  with the minimal amount of time I have had to search ( a week, maybe 4 days) I would like to share my list online furniture/accessories shops in SA (that I have come across). I am positive that there are many many others that I have not yet had the pleasure of seeing, but these are the ones I have. One of these stores I have physically been to and it really does not disappoint, I dare say you have to go to the physical store as the website does not do it justice.  Anyways, here goes in …

By the way we are in love with the marriage of modern/contemporary clean lines/look with the comfy yet stylised look of the midcentury furniture pieces, and this is what I was searching for.


I loved this shop the minute I laid eyes on their clean (form follows function) website.  They are a homeware online shop, mainly supplying accessories or small to medium sized furniture pieces.  With delivery everywhere in SA ( for a price) you can order anything from a  Hans Wegner inspired shell chair (read replica) shown below to ceramics, childrens nursery furniture and most importantly dining tables.


The team is said to be a collection of interior designs and stylists inspired by both international and local trends so you get the best of both worlds.  I am interested in their Ray and Charles Eames inspired wooden leg chairs.

 2.  SMACS:
 This website provides furniture, home and fashion accessories even appliances, which is a genius. While we were moving the movers expertly dropped our old-ish but still working washing machine which had us searching for a new one, that’s when I stumbled on their appliances tab (but just make sure when/if you order because the tab redirects you to another page). The tag line of the website is design within reach and that’s exactly what the website achieves making it perfect for kitting out your house or buying housewarming gifts for a friend (hint, hint…nudge, nudge)
3. Vintage Vista:
This is my favorite, flavour-of-the-moment, all-I-want-is-to-spend-time-there kinda shop. We went to their physical store and it’s just as amazing as the website, the most fantastic thing is that the shop is in Pretoria, which is where I live. But let me tell you about this online shop, the sell mid century furniture pieces, alongside, industrial inspired pieces, it’s a melting pot of design styles which basically guarantees that you will find what you need.  I am coveting these lights, and as soon as I come back from my Christmas holiday in Belgium I will be ordering them and tons of other accessories. Yes, it is love.
Shopscoop is another fantastic find, I find their range of offering a lot more diverse than most of the other finds which includes office, homeware even outdoor furniture. Their prices are reasonable like all the other discussed shops, but more importantly they offer FREE delivery in SA.  I will also be ordering stuff from off their comprehensive website.
So if I give you anything this Christmas let it be this list, I wish you many shopping hours and many good design choices. Happy Monday from a cold Antwerp.

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