Fashion Fridays…

I got inspired by the buzz of fashion week, so I have decided to include  a *NEW * weekly fashion feature, sort of like what I wore, how I wore it and where i bought it…(if I remember)


I am obsessed with stripes and the colour blue, so I am wearing 2 of my favorite things today!!

fashion friday 1

I am by no means a fashionista (whatever that means) and I am not trying to start trends and claim that I know it all :),  BUT, I am a designer and I have an opinion about anything and everything designed…its a prerequisite 🙂

This feature is a showcase of my interpretation of fashion and its trends (some).  My style is varied and basically depends on how I am feeling that day.

 I feel that it is this personal interpretation of fashion that makes it such a fun process, do you agree?

Happy Friday!!

Tshirt: CottonON

Jeans: Woolies RE

Jacket: H&M

Shoes: Mr Price

Necklace: No idea 😉

Sunglasses: YDE

Lipstick: Revlon Caresse-Rebel Red

Photography by Kat Makhubela


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