Decorex Discoveries 2.0

I love seeing new designs or design processes that merge different disciplines to create amazing design work.  The next discovery I made at Decorex got me so excited I swear I must have looked like a crazy woman.  The company is called Devi Design Studio and they make the most amazing brass and copper accessories. The company is based in India and their philosophy is the preservation of history and historical craftwork through designers working with traditional artisans, a concept I am crazy about.

I love the idea of collaborative design studios whereby designers and craftspeople work together to create amazing things, and I believe collaborations like these yield the most interesting and freshest work.  I wonder if there are design studios in South Africa currently doing this, because it would be fantastic in terms of knowledge transference and designers getting a greater understanding of certain crafts.  I know of designers in SA working with certain craftspeople but how amazing would it be for big design firms to employ this mode of thinking.

I was in awe of how simple and how modern/contemporary their accessories look, proving that crafts do not have to taken over by new materials or processes, the two can be used together to create bespoke items like these ones.  The company’s website is


If you know of similar design studios doing this in South africa give me a shout, I would to hear from you.


Then my final discovery was a modular home building company, similar to what you might see on the show Grand designs.  We are looking at buying a farm and this piqued our interest because the house take 3 days to assemble because all the building work takes place at their factory in Pretoria. The name of the company is Modul8 and it was developed by Strey architects.  My husband is a mechanical engineer and i haven’t seen him that excited at the Decorex, positively frothing at the mouth, but i digress; the modular building can be made from your choice of material and their designs are client specific and the material considerations are site/climate specific as well.  How amazing that this is finally in South Africa, I would love to employ this type of building for our house using recycled materials, and the most amazing thing is that your house is up in three days…Check out the guest accomodation they just finished in Lesotho on their website

IMG_6657 IMG_6659IMG_6654

Do you know of other modular architecture companies in South Africa or Africa? Give me a shout.

So all in all an amazing Decorex, i left feeling inspired and excited.


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