Where have all the white bathrooms gone…

Hello dear readers,

This post is more of a plea than anything else.  So we are in the process of trying to upgrade and move into a larger home, but we have since fallen in love with the house we live in at the moment, although unless I stop buying furniture or shoes we need to move, besides I feel that it is time I got a walkin closet ala’ Sex in the City!

So herein comes my tale of woe.  Most of the houses that we have looked at in the gated community we live in have these hideous creamy, poo-coloured bathroom wall and floor tiles.  I mean where oh where have the white tile bathrooms gone.  It seems that if we want to stay in this estate  whatever house we buy I will have to redo all the bathrooms or the kitchens or both.  I mean for the love of all that it minimalistic and uncomplicated why must these tiles be applied to all the surfaces of the bathroom.  I mean these houses are not cheap, but the bathrooms will make your toes curl.  I put it to misinformation!

Where do the contractors get these tiles, was there a special on, when they were building these houses.  Oh and don’t even get me started on those weird looking “heart-shaped” type bathtubs! Is it too much to ask for a nice simple bathroom with white metro tiles on the wall, a simple white large sized tile on the floor with all white sanitary ware and especially a free standing bath?


Image source: http://www.housebeautiful.com/decorating/colors/white-bathrooms#slide-1

Image source: http://www.housebeautiful.com/decorating/colors/white-bathrooms#slide-2

Is  this the age of over embellishing bathrooms with hideously coloured tiles? I mean I have taken a break from looking at houses because i just cant deal with the ugly…

Anyway enough ranting and raving, my point is that perhaps we should leave bathrooms to be white with a touch of colour except peach, blue, brown and maroon (lets not even open that can of worms) and in addition there are plenty of many other colour combinations which can make bathrooms feel fresh and frankly less off putting like the ones featured in the post.

Image source: http://www.sluproperti.com/home-tech/bathroom/artikel/kamar-mandi-modern-dan-tren

Image source: glamorouschiclife.tumblr.com/post/34551419292


Maybe i should live and let live…(tile and let tile but everything in moderation?!

Share your house hunting interior nightmares…




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