Too Trendy

Hello dear readers,

As Promised this is a post by one of my favorite people as well as favorite graphic designer Shaunette Lutchman, who is also doing her final year in graphic design. She shares her thoughts on trends from a first hand point of view and inspires us all to every once in a while blow our own minds and own our abilities as designers.  If this post leaves you with one message let it be that your creations/thoughts/dreams/existence is valid.

Too Trendy
by Shaunette Lutchman

So here’s the deal, I am a graphic design student who is passionate about anything and everything design related. Often we get assignments to create original and authentic designs, ranging from corporate identity to poster illustrations. As students we get asked a lot to do AS MUCH RESEARCH AS POSSIBLE before starting with our actual design.

Often I find myself ending up on site who feel they have the right to label what they feel are the “DESIGN TRENDS” for the season or year, and so as students we try and mimic these trends which we would assume would please our lecturers since its whats trending in the the rest of the world.

On most occasions this works out well in terms of how trends inform our designs but on one instance one of my lecturers approached me and announced that my design was too trendy and after a huge debate, (me mostly defending my process as best as I can so I wouldn’t have to redo my assignment) she explained to me how its good to follow
whats trending out in the world and then sit back and design something that would form its own trend.


Why would I allow myself to think what I put out there in the world would not have the same effect as any of the trends I have been following. The same trends getting massive attention on the Internet. When did I start feeling like my own designs weren’t good enough for the world.

It is a sad reality when you really think about it, for a moment I didn’t feel like I was unique in any way, and that mindset needs to change.

We need to start believing in ourselves, our individuality, our ability to come up with something amazing, go ahead.

I dare you to start trusting yourself.


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