What I have been up to…Life


So since this is my final year of study for my BA degree in Interior Design, we have to embark on a 6 week internship at our desired interior design companies.  I am about to complete my 3rd week of internship at Life Interiors, an interior design company that is lifestyle orientated with a specific brand awareness.

Life is the main brand and under this is the Life Interiors firm and the multiple Life Grand restaurants.  This business concept is so ( for a lack of a better word) cool, because the restaurants are designed by the Life interiors team and therefore restaurant patrons who will/might become prospective client of Life Interiors get introduced to the Life brand essence via the look and feel of the restaurants.  I am so inspired by what I have seen and experienced during my three weeks here that I cannot wait to begin my career.  The design team (actually the entire team) is so dynamic and passionate about the Life brand, this feeling is so contagious you cannot help but drink the “kool-aid” (Which i fully did).

The next three weeks will be spent at another Interior design studio, that is run by a lady who is so inspired and driven, its absolutely contagious.

 I will also dedicate a blog post to her in due time.


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