Monday Inspiration

Hello… I recently started my freelance design business and with that comes a lot of hours of research and reading on how to build and maintain not only your freelance business but also overcoming the dreaded fear that grips most designers starting on their own.  My biggest fears are really like most creative’s; is my … More Monday Inspiration

Fashion Friday

This week’s fashion Friday mood board is inspired by the amazing and ever so effortless Australian fashion blogger; Margaret Zhang’s NYFW 2015 look. The layered effect is translated into the repetition of lines and forms.  The look inspired a classic, clean pallete with pops of blue and red hues.  -happy fashion Friday-

Monday inspiration

Good morning… As the beginning of a hopefully productive and fruitful week is upon us I want to remind you (and myself) that the minute you focus on your path and yourself is the beginning of all joy. Comparing your life and achievements to others steals that joy and make you loose focus, I mean … More Monday inspiration

Lessons from Hello Ambassador Creative Festival: Part 2

   Hey there, The behaviour of inspiration can be compared to the ebb and flow of tides.  In most of us inspiration comes and goes.  Sometimes I wonder if you can be in a perpetual state of inspiration, wow!! How amazing would that be…but for us mere mortals we have to continuously find avenues and experiences … More Lessons from Hello Ambassador Creative Festival: Part 2

Lessons from Hello Ambassador creative festival: Part 1

Last week I had an amazing opportunity to attend the Hello Ambassador creative festival in Johannesburg at the Sci-Bono, I met and got to listen and learn from a collective of insanely talented creatives. I left the conference on Saturday afternoon feeling optimistic, inspired and revived.  These are some of the pearls of wisdom I … More Lessons from Hello Ambassador creative festival: Part 1

Decorex 2015

Hi there…  I was  afforded the opportunity to exhibit at the Johannesburg Decorex this year, an amazing initiative between Inscape Design College and Decorex SA.  I obviously lept at the opportunity although the days leading up to the Decorex JHB were nerve wrecking as I quickly designed and manufactured some pieces to exhibit, while going … More Decorex 2015

Fashion Friday: Designer Showcase Nomalanga Nyanda

Hello… This fashion Friday focuses on the work of an inspiring, focused and passionate designer Nomalanga Nyanda, we delved into what inspires her and sets her work apart.  Nomalanga’s work is  inspired by the Sophiatown era in the 50s, during a really difficult time politically/socially for black Africans in South Africa who still took pride in the … More Fashion Friday: Designer Showcase Nomalanga Nyanda

Weekly inspiration

Hello… I have been gone for quite a while, as with trying to juggle everything, sometimes you drop some balls, but I am back😊!! So last week I was confronted by a really difficult situation, a racial situation wherein I could either standup for what I thought was right, meaning right for me or I … More Weekly inspiration